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Music can sound so amazing, and at times, sound so bad it could be considered noise. There are so many ways to manipulate, amplify, and store music these days that it boggles most people. Not me. I am absolutely captivated by all the dynamics that can be involved in the production, reproduction, and capturing of sounds. I love anything audio. In fact, right out of high school I started my career at the Art Institute of Seattle. From there, I received a degree in audio engineering and accepted a video broadcast media position working on various video formats and learning how to author DVDs. This was a great job, but my passion still and always will lie in the pure audio realm. To continue my skills while working as a video tech, I mixed live sound for various bands, some of which I played in.  

I was also relied upon to DJ for family and friends' weddings and private events. Over the years, word of mouth spread and I started to DJ more and more events that eventually led to the creation of Generation X Productions with my good friend Ollie. We are DJs because we love to entertain and we love music. We look forward to making your event the best one ever.

"A late note of thanks for making our daughter's wedding so special. I appreciate all your time and effort. You are very good at your job and it made me feel very comfortable. You were a very important part of the event and this mom
thanks you!" ~

"Your name suits you perfectly! We couldn't be more pleased with how the sound for our wedding turned out and the help with choosing songs really got the group up and celebrating. Thank you." ~ Jenna

"You two are totally on top of your game, not just entertaining, but with helping guide the progress of the wedding. Can't imagine the success of the event without your help. Thanks for playing two hours beyond the contract to entertain my daughter and her friends. Wow, that's really something and very appreciated. Thanks guys for doing an amazing job!"
~ Talman


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